Berry Stitch Crochet Baby Hat (Is Too Cute)

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Beautiful Crochet Baby Hat in Berry Stitch

I had extra yarn and decided to put it to good use and make a crochet even berry stitch baby hat.

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When you use chunky yarn, with a bigger hook, you can’t help but zip through this project.

Berry Stitch Crochet Baby Hat (Is Too Cute)

Enjoy The Tutorial

So now let’s talk about this little hat. I based the measurements off of a standard 6-month-old head. (14 inches circumference.)

I started with the band using a back loop only, half double crochet slip stitch. If you haven’t learned that yet, here is the Pattern

The crochet even berry stitch baby hat is worked in a spiral after you join the band with a tapestry needle and make an initial row of mesh stitch, (a mesh stitch is alternating SC, CH, Skip over one chain, SC, repeat. And on the next row, you always work your SC into a SC and a CH over the chain space.)

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