How To Crochet a Snowflake Easy and Quick

An easy and quick way to crochet and stiffen a snowflake ornament for your tree!

You’ll need some thin yarn and a size US 0 hook.

Enjoy The Video!

Source: ExpressionFiberArts

If you want to know more about crochet snowflakes we recommend this book


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One thought on “How To Crochet a Snowflake Easy and Quick

  • December 11, 2016 at 3:57 am

    Love watching your videos, followed your videos when I first started crocheting a year ago. I have looked all over for a video on how to make hanged covers. I can single crochet around the hanger but my aunt used to make fancier ones. I have found one but its in Spanish. Please can you help me? This is what my sister wants for Christmas.

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