Do You Really Need this Watermelon Amigurumi Keychain

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Watermelon Amigurumi Keychain

It’s a simple project and makes for a great teacher’s gift, whether you give it at the end of a school year like I did, or at the beginning of the year, or for the holidays as a stocking stuffer.

It’s cute, it’s small, and you can whip up a batch of these in an evening for all the people on your list!

Enjoy The Tutorial

So, back in May, I needed gifts for J’s school teachers. I thought now that he’d entered Kindergarten, I’d only have to come up with 1 gift at occasional times of year, but he’s in an After School program since both my husband and I work, and there’s a whole group of awesome teachers and caretakers that I wanted to show my appreciation for.

We hope you will enjoy making this beautiful Watermelon Amigurumi Keychain and crochet these homemade project for some one. Click here to See the Pattern

Are you familiar with yellow watermelon? I realized that not everyone grew up knowing there is such a thing as a yellow watermelon, so the yellow keychains didn’t go over as well as the red ones, although I personally think they’re cuter…

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