Granny Square Poncho Free Crochet Pattern with Fringe

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Granny Square Poncho

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Granny squares don’t have to be joined with fringe to look great with fringe, as we can see from this beautiful colorful granny poncho trimmed on the bottom with tassel fringe.

This same design would look great in a single color with the same color fringe, if you aren’t sure that you’re ready for the bold colors in this particular design. Or you could use multiple colors in a more muted palette.

Granny Square Poncho Free Crochet Pattern with Fringe

Enjoy The Crochet Tutorial

Of course, you could make this poncho without the fringe but doesn’t the fringe really add the detail that makes this a special piece?! This pattern is from Beautiful Crochet Stuff, a site with many great free crochet patterns. Click Here To See The Pattern!

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