This free crochet afghan pattern uses hexagon blocks, so you can make a modern baby blanket or easily customize the size however you wish.

When I was planning this crochet baby blanket pattern for some friends’ new baby, I knew it would be hexies all the way. I chose gender-neutral colors because they didn’t know if they were having a boy or a girl. (If you too are gestating a new life, here are 12 Unique + Modern DIY Ways to Decorate a Nursery!)

For this hexagon afghan I used “I Love This Cotton” from Hobby Lobby. It’s just the softest, most affordable cotton yarn I’ve found and it comes in enough colors to make me dizzy as I stand in the aisle and try to choose some. (I have no financial incentive to promote this yarn, I just like it. I’ve used it in this bunny hat pattern, for these slippers with flip flop soles and these crochet toddler boat shoes.)

Generally, but especially for babies, I like to use natural fibers because I like the idea of a baby being wrapped up in yarn that is “from the Earth” sorta say. I know, I know. Waving my hippie flag high.

There are two great things about crochet hexagons. First, you can carry them with you. So if like me, your crocheting gets interrupted about every 1.5 stitches with a sippy cup spill, a sippy cup refill request, or a snack to accompany a sippy cup, hexagons allow you to work a bit at a time and still feel a sense of accomplishment.

Second, you can customize this crochet hexagon blanket pattern to make whatever size afghan you’d like. Each hexagon block is roughly 6” wide x 5” tall. So if you know the size of the finished blanket you’d like to make, you can use this pattern to make a stroller blanket, baby blanket, lap blanket or even a bedspread.

I was able to make about seven hexagons out of each 180 yard skein of “I Love This Cotton.” You can estimate the number of total skeins you’ll need based on the number of hexagons you plan to crochet as long as you use a similar worsted weight yarn.

Source: https://makeanddocrew.com/happy-hexagons-free-crochet-afghan-pattern/

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