Happy Lark Scrap Blanket

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Happy Lark Scrap Blanket

“Sigh. There’s something about a crochet scrap blanket that I just love. Taking bits and pieces of yarn leftover from other projects and crocheting them into something beautiful just makes my heart sing.

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A New Year awaits. Full of possibility. It’s time to cleanse my life of the baggage and extra things to make my journey into the new year light and free. And even though these bits of string don’t seem like much, sometimes they speak of unfinished business.

Maybe they hold me back. Or maybe it’s something completely different: like they beckon me to a far off adventure! This year we’re making another crochet scrap blanket together! I’m so excited!”

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Happy Lark Scrap Blanket

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Happy Lark Scrap Blanket

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