How to Crochet the Moroccan Tile Stitch

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How to Crochet the Moroccan Tile Stitch

How to crochet the Moroccan stitch or Moroccan tile stitch. Great for crochet cushions and afghans.

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The Moroccan Tile Afghan uses a stitch that’s super easy to show… but hard to explain in words. I’ve heard you loud and clear – a tutorial is needed! Et voila! Here’s the Moroccan Tile Afghan stitch tutorial!

Crochet Moroccan Tile Stitch
Crochet Moroccan Tile Stitch

The Moroccan Tile Afghan stitch is made in a multiple of 3 +2, +2 for the starting chain. The chain and row estimates for several sizes are provided on the pattern page.

A few unique stitches are used. See the original pattern, or click on the abbreviations below to go to the stitch specific tutorials.

Enjoy The Video!

Source: Crochet Lovers

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the Crochet Moroccan Tile Stitch

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