Learn How To Crochet Post Stitches In This Beautiful Textured Pattern In Spiral Rounds That Don’t Join

Working in a spiral is ridiculously easy and there is no need for joining. Learn how to make a beautiful Spiral Textured Cowl, courtesy of Kristin Omdahl and learn how to make the perfect post stitches texture without joining at the end of the rounds.

I love the texture of post stitches in a stitch pattern. However, when worked in the round, sometimes post stitches can get lost at the joins of the rounds because ch3 has to count for a dc. One way to eliminate this problem is to work in a spiral instead of rounds. In this video, I show you how to work this beautiful stitch pattern in the round, in spiral, without joining at the end of the rounds. The results are perfect post stitch texture throughout the entire project.

Learn how to crochet post stitches in this beautiful textured pattern in spiral rounds that don’t join! It’s a great way to make the beginning and end of round invisible.

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Source: Kristin Omdahl

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