Learn How To Cross Stitch On Crochet With This Adorably Simple Fox Design

It’s simple and addictive! Learning how to cross stitch on crochet can easily help you discover a new hobby! This video tutorial is going to teach you how to cross stitch a beautiful fox on a pillow case. Follow along and before you now it you’ll be able to use this tutorial to cross stitch any design onto crochet.

Kids love animals and cute designs on their pillows. This stitch is all you need to make some unique and adorable pillows for a little one. Story telling has never been easier than with this cross stitch and some imagination.

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Inject some creativity and imagination onto your crochet using this amazingly simple and beautiful cross stitch. Watch the video tutorial below, courtesy of Sewrella and learn how to add a cute fox to a crochet pillow case. The cross stitch is really easy and suitable even for beginners.

Enjoy The Video!

Source: Sewrella

-Worsted weight yarn (I used Vanna’s Choice in terracotta, white and a small amount of black)
-Large tapestry needle

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