Learn How To Crochet The Simple Chevron Baby Blanket

Ten months ago the world was blessed with a new baby girl, my adorable niece, whose sweet little face can melt away even the worst of days. Three nephews is a ton of fun but learning that my sister would have a girl made me so happy. I could now crochet baby girl things!
My sister is quite artistic – she loves color and modern decor and this theme is present throughout her home. When I had a look through Yarnspirations latest Lookbook, Baby’s Day Out, the Simple Chevron Crochet Baby Blanket pattern just jumped right off the virtual pages – my niece had to have one!

If you’re like me, you look for any opportunity to use Bernat Baby Blanket yarn because it’s quite literally the softest yarn on the planet (at least according to B.hooked Husband). Not only did this project give me the chance to use some of my favorite yarn, I knew it was meant to be when I found a colorway to match each of the colors in my niece’s nursery!

I decided to go a little rogue with my color choices to flow with her nursery, incorporating five colors instead of two like the pattern calls for. White, baby peach, baby yellow, lemon lime and baby teal are all a perfect match to her color scheme and I couldn’t choose only two!

This approach took a little planning and some guess work but creating my own color pattern repeat was incredibly easy. I used white as the main color to “cleanse the palette” after each contrast color and the outcome is incredible. Here is the repeat I came up with:

I worked two rows of white in between my color repeat – lemon lime, baby yellow, baby teal and baby peach.

You can take this approach with any project! If you love the look of a pattern but want to add a personal touch, color is the way to go. I’ll be honest, I had to estimate the amount of yarn I would need, trust my instinct and order a bit more just in case.

The pattern calls for 3 balls of Bernat Baby Blanket yarn but since I wanted to use four contrast colors and a main, I knew I would have some left over. I figured the main color would use up at least half of the yarn so I ordered three balls of white and one of each contrast color. Since there is some leftover yarn, I’m going to make her a unicorn to match!

The pattern was incredibly easy to follow and the entire project only took me about 13 hours to make. I do take my time while working with chunky weight yarn to keep my wrists and hands happy and healthy so I’m quite certain you could complete it in 10 hours if you’re working on a schedule.

The process of crocheting this blanket for her and customizing the colors to make it a truly special gift was such a rewarding experience. If you find yourself needing a unique gift for a new baby in your life, the Simple Chevron Crochet Baby Blanket from Yarnspirations is a great option. The pattern is free on their website and I’ve even filmed a video tutorial to walk you through the entire process!

If you don’t have a new baby in your life, let me just tell you how versatile this pattern is and how amazing it would look on the back of your sofa! You could use my method of calculating the foundation chain in chevron patterns but you don’t even need to! Since the finished baby blanket measures 38″ wide by 42″ long, just doubling the yarn requirement and foundation chain number and color pattern repeat will give you the perfect size throw. So rather than making 86 chains, you’ll crochet 172 and follow along with the instruction for rows one and two and keep going until it measures approximately 84″ long. Easy!

Source: https://www.bhookedcrochet.com/2018/03/29/learn-how-to-crochet-the-simple-chevron-baby-blanket-from-yarnspirations/

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