These Magical Dragons Are Almost Ridiculously Adorable!

These guys are absolutely amazing! Fire Breathing Dragon by Sharon Ojala is 16 to 18 inches tall and it can change looks from fiercer looking to sleepy and friendlier looking dragon, all covered in writing and videos! These magical dragons are stunning yet amazing in the eyes of little ones. With their funny expressions and the vivid colors, these stunning and so captivating crochet creatures will helps the little ones find their way to a world of mesmerizing endless possibilities.

What could be more fun than having your very own fire breathing dragon? The mythical creatures that can that breathe fire through their mouth or nostrils fly around the world in no time or simply dance in your kitchen or playroom the funniest most captivating dragon dance. This crochet fire breathing dragon is here to help your imagination fly wherever you feel it would be the more fun.

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Source: Sharon Ojala

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