Pretty little flower- free crochet pattern

Aren’t crochet flowers some of the most beautiful, cheerful piece of craft? And while some are pretty easy to make at first glance others are so intricate you’d wonder at their complexity.

Use these flowers to accessorize your headbands, hats, or make them into a garland- perfect for spring time.


– Pattern is written in U.S terms

– the top rounds are worked in spiral

You’ll need:

– Any yarn and hook size of choice

– Tapestry needle

Stitches /Abbreviation:

SC- single crochet

DC- double crochet

ST- stitch

CH- chain


Form Magic ring

Round 1: SC 6 in ring

Round 2: 2SC in each stitch around

Round 3: *SC in 2, SC2tog. Repeat from * 3 times

Round 4: SC around

Round 5: in BLO, *SC in 2, 2SC in next. Repeat from * 3 times. Sl st in next st (place stitch marker in back loop of the last stitch on this row)

Round 6: *Ch 2, skp next st, slip st in next. Repeat from * till last Ch 2, sl st in 1st Ch 2 space. (There should be 6 Ch 2 loops).


Continuing, make *(SC, DC, DC, Ch 1, DC, DC, SC) in Ch 2 space, sl st in next Ch 2 space. Repeat from * in all Ch 2 spaces. Sl st in back loop of last SC.

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