Watch how to crochet the Apache tears pattern

Follow along with the crochet video above to learn how to weave texture and pizzazz into your crochet projects. The Apache Tears crochet pattern has several unusual features. Similar to a spike stitch, double crochet stitches are worked into a row below for a “teardrop” effect.

Another unique feature is that each row is crocheted from right to left without turning. Sometimes this is called a train blanket for the way the rows plow across in one direction like a train. Working this way requires joining and tying off the yarn at the beginning and end of every row, leaving a decorative fringe on two sides of your work.

In the video above you’ll learn to finish the fringe in two different ways to use in scarves, throws, and other fun crochet projects. Get creative with your color changes and you’ll have a versatile new technique in your crochet toolkit.

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Watch how to crochet the Apache tears pattern

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